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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

These six zodiac species are getting married in 2020 in yoga… know about your zodiac.

These six zodiac species are getting married in 2020 in yoga… know about your zodiac.

In Hinduism there are many religious and astrological talks about marriage. But if we talk about astrology related to marriage, then in our scriptures we have mentioned many kundali related faults. These faults cause many obstacles to the marriage of many people. 2020, then, will be a good year for those who face such obstacles.

  • Horoscope is very important in Hinduism. In marital astrology, marital life is seen with the seventh house of the horoscope. The marriage of the couple is announced by Kundali. It is said that Venus and Rahu are considered as the factors of marriage in the horoscope of the young man and Jupiter is considered as the factor of marriage in the horoscope of the young woman.
  • That is why we let you know that if you qualify for marriage in the year 2020 and your seventh place in the horoscope is in a good place, then your chances of getting married in 2020 are higher.
  • If the seventh price is in a good or bright place in the horoscope of any person and no ominous planet appears on this house, then their marriage in 2020 can be summed up. If your ascendant lord or lord of the seventh house, or mahadas is in the year 2020, you will get married this year.

In any person's horoscope if the seventh house is weak or an inauspicious planet is affected by it, or if the vision of an inauspicious or enemy planet falls on the 7th house, then there is a slight delay in the marriage of the species. If the amount of fire or gaseous element is in your kundali, then their marriage is late.

Marriage is likely to be delayed because, if the condition of the Moon, Venus or Jupiter in your horoscope is poor, it may delay the marriage of the species. If one has the guilt of Mars in the horoscope, then their marriage can be delayed. Often in this situation many marriages break even when certain.
This year Aries is marrying people. Marriage relationships will come for the zodiac species. It can be said that Aries species are likely to be married in 2020. While Gemini zodiac marriages may also take place in the year 2020. These signs are giving the planetary constellations of this zodiac.

Apart from this, marriages of lionesses may also occur in 2020. This year she is also eligible for marriage. Marriage of Scorpio species in 2020 is also possible. In the year 2020, marriage of wealthy people is also becoming a yoga. But the zodiac mentioned here is the dominant yoga of their marriage. Thus, in the year 2020, Aries, Gemini, Lion, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Aquarius are becoming the yoga for marriage.

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